Hiring a Safety Director can be very expensive. Understandably, many companies cannot afford it. Contact us to see how you can get these services for under $30 a month. It is well worth it to stay in compliance!

Potential fines for violations are very large, and the cost of having DOT Safety Helpers make sure you are always in compliance is a tiny fraction of the cost of any single FMCSA fine. Safety for Commercial Drivers is a constant concern of the Federal Government, and the passage of CSA in 2010, and MAP-21 in 2013 are just a few examples of the recent and upcoming changes.

We have been in business for over a decade, and have helped hundreds of companies create and implement required policies, pass audits, hire and train only the most qualified drivers, and much more. We have knowledgeable, highly experienced safety consultants ready to serve you.  We speak English, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

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