Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium:
  • Pre-Employment Test*
  • Random Selections 
  • Comprehensive Program Manual 
  • Policy (Includes Updates) 
  • Forms 
  • Driver Cards 
  • Recordkeeping and Reporting Assistance 
  • Random, Reasonable-Suspicion and Post-Accident Testing*

* Customer have to paid for all test fee.

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 DOT Safety Helpers, Inc. is a third party administrator (hereafter called a “consortium” in this context) of DOT compliant drug testing services. A consortium is used for small businesses that do not have enough workers to warrant their own testing program as mandated by the United States Department of Transportation.  For instance, a freight forwarder with only 2 or 3 drivers would have a hard time implementing a successful drug testing program. The reason is that the DOT and FMSCA require each company test 50% of its driver for drugs each year and 10% for alcohol. Having only a few drivers means that it will be relatively easy to guess who will be selected, thus defeating the purpose of randomized testing.  

We can solve this problem for you by adding you to our consortium, where your drivers’ names are pooled with drivers from other companies in the consortium. We then randomly select drivers at the required rates using a professional quality random name generator and notify the company and driver of the selection.

All of our programs meet or exceed federal, state, and local industry standards, as subject to FMCSA/DOT CFR, parts 40 and 382.  We use a scientifically established, random name-picking algorithm to select drivers from our pool for testing.  

We also offer professional Substance Abuse Prevention Programs that include videos and quizzes. We provide certificates to all driver that complete our programs.


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